IT Services

We offer a variety of Vessel IT Services

We provide consultancy services (policies, management guidelines), design, installation, hardware supplies, and support.

We have competent and qualified personnel to attend vessels all around the world for IT setup on new takeover/delivery vessels, as well as troubleshoot and fix critical IT issues.

We are Dell OEM partners and supply IT hardware ranging from commercial to maritime grade, as well as a diverse portfolio of IT products. Our purchasing and logistics team ensures that IT supplies are delivered on time at major ports across the world.


IAAS (IT As A Service)

Customers can use the IT as a service solution to standardize, simplify, and automate their vessel IT environment, enabling quick migration and effective operation of IT services across the fleet.

The customer can eliminate the need for CAPEX for hardware or software acquisition by using the IT as a service concept, replacing it with hardware leasing (leasing to own subscription-based), software licensing, and support fees that are all included in a monthly subscription fee for an easy-to-budget, outsourced ICT environment for their vessels.

Customers benefit from our IT As A Service solution by receiving assistance in managing the onboard network, IT items, daily support cases, and regulatory compliance.

IT Consultancy

We provide the following consultancy services to customers:

Network Consultancy

Run a PenTest on the vessel/fleet to provide details and highlight any exposure to potential security flaws, data backup, power outages, and system downtime. Provide a report highlighting high-risk areas for viruses, downtime, or other threats.


IT strategy consultants assist in building an integrated IT strategy for your company’s fleet that includes IT applications portfolio, IT infrastructure, IT service management, IT organizational design, and best practices in IT management.

Project Management

  • Reviewing current project management processes and capabilities
  • Support in the implementation of new tools, processes, and procedures

Network Architecture

Examine the complete network infrastructure and offer solutions that address current investments while upgrading existing networks or developing new ones from scratch.

Design and Implementation

Plan, design, and implement tailored IT solutions that address the specific demands of the customer.

DAAS (Desktop As A Service)

Customers can subscribe for desktop PCs on a monthly basis with our Desktop As A Service offering rather than purchasing the PC/Laptop upfront, lowering CAPEX costs. Customers can pick from a variety of subscription choices based on their needs; all PC/Laptops provided as part of this service will be packaged with MAXv for remote management.

A comprehensive endpoint management system for remotely managing vessel PCs from a central location. It is a tool for managing and monitoring IT assets. Patch management aids in the fixing of software vulnerabilities and the enhancement of cybersecurity. It comprises regular endpoint administration tasks such as deploying software, imaging and deploying operating systems, software license management, monitoring software usage data, and managing USB device usage.

Customers who use MAXv Desktop as a Service benefit from the following significant advantages.

  • Replacement at major ports in the world within subscription period
  • 24/7 phone and email support available. Support is limited to the device’s hardware, OS and device drivers.
  • Latest hardware configuration to meet business needs, as well as maritime grade device for operations in harsh environments.
  • Remote device management from one central location.

24/7 Support

The Customer support and technical teams are available 24/7 to assist with IT issues reported.

We provide phone assistance via 24/7 Singapore and US extensions. Daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly meeting minutes are provided to the customer IT administrator so that all information on IT issues and projects is readily available.


Partnered with ESET to provide both online and offline Antivirus solutions.

  • Endpoint management via remote administration for online antivirus from a single web portal.
  • Vessel based license management system.
  • Weekly offline antivirus update via email or FTP transfer, with a single mirror server replicating updates to all connected devices.
  • Zero-day update for online Antivirus
  • 24 hour phone and email support for Antivirus issues

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